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DJ Style Presents DJ Cid of Subwoofer Records

DJ Style Show on Chill Lover Radio - Ep#026: DJ Style Presents DJ Cid of Subwoofer Records
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Debuts at #1 on Chill Lover Radio.


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Passionate about music since a young age DJ Cid is a complete artist began in 1998 on the turntable it is integrated with any type of medium whatsoever, digital, analog and computer, very determined to impose its own musical style in France, with its dark, it will seek to enter into a new category of music very popular in Germany and England. And wants to get the same effect in France to discover this subterranean environment on a minimal techno rhythm. Look beyond its limits with a heavy soundscape, to the simple drop of water. Create his own sound. Framed by its label Dj Cid has an ambition to cross borders and obtain the emotion because he listens! Releases on Subwoofer Records, DarkTek Digital.