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DJ Style Presents Drzneday

DJ Style Show on Chill Lover Radio - Ep#059: DJ Style Presents Drzneday
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At #4 on Mixcloud Hard Techno & #8 on Mixcloud Hardcore charts.


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DJ Style Presents Drzneday Ep 059 by Chill Lover Radio on Mixcloud

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More then one decade in the world of electronic music provided him an experience that had a great influence on music he’s producing these days. Techno, tech house, minimal and progressive are styles that he prefers. All this you can find in his mixes that are filled with passion and love for tech. With releases on labels such as Subwoofer Records, Toxic Records, Ilisho Rec, R8R, etc, he tries to express his self as much as possible. So far he was charted several times on Beatport's top 100 new releases hard techno as first, but what is most exciting for him is the fans reaction to his music on parties. Hard bass line and minimal melodies with sharp percussion and often with vocals that giving the note of something new to techno. So far he made a dozens of remixes for many international producers, and different collaborations on different projects, but his favorite is with new york's rising star Madam Marvelous, who made most of vocals on his tracks, but the latest project he's been working on is the collaboration on Duo project with Ricky Busta, the name of project will be a secret for just little more time...