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DJ Style Presents Zoltan Katona (Kato)

DJ Style Show on Chill Lover Radio - Ep#027: DJ Style Presents Zoltan Katona (Kato)
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1985 was born in Kiskunfélegyháza, Hungary. Between the age of 3 and 7, he listened to Mozart, Bach and Beethoven for falling asleep. It was a great inspiration to him in the direction of music. After a few years later he got a Plastikman and Sven vath CD from his older brother at Christmas. Inspiration followed inspiration over the years, and he was continuously stimulated by the world of music production, loading a different kind of emotional roller.

Today KATO is looking into new dimensions so as to open the gates of hard electornic music to a wider audience. Kato is playing in many others Hungary club, Slovakia Bratilsva Uhu Club, XXX Cafe Kiskunhalas with resident Dj's, Cantaloop Bar Szolnok, Kalocsa Vigado Bar and many others biggest Hungary club! Soon KATO coming to R33 Budapest Studio Club, here is exclusive DJ set. Owner in PrOmO-Factory 4hours radio broadcast since to 2012 on Homeradio, follow us every second tuesday week